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"Smooth and soulful, this singer/songwriter's organic, heartfelt vibe comes across like Bob Seger in a low-key mode. "California Blue" and "Hollywood" express yearning and disillusionment. Perhaps most affecting, though, is Morris' "My Name," which addresses a child's abandonment by his father. This artist seasons his tracks with arrangements that include not only acoustic guitar and piano, but some banjo textures, as well. Nice stuff, skillfully rendered.
- Music Connection Magazine

"Similar to a good friend who will "tell you like it is," with insightful sincerity, here is a blues-pop artist that's real, down to earth, sweet and sensitive. Transcended from the depths of his soul, Darryl Morris formed a tangibly introspective lyrical masterpiece. Backed with equally rhythmic and wise musicians, Morris sounds like a cross between Dave Matthews and Tracy Chapman. "Were he a photographer, Darryl Morris would be compared to Ansel Adams, speaking of today's generation through a new lens" - Thomas Ball Entertainment. He has found within himself that uncanny ability to speak of deep truths in a musically authentic, simple way.
- Noelle Lysdahl - Malibu Monthly Magazine

"Darryl, for those who haven't heard him as a voice that could melt ice. His voice soars and dips and glides effortlessly, reaching into the soul and expressing the emotions we try to keep inside. His guitar playing, some finger picking is superb and his songs all drive into what makes us human highly personal but universal in scope. No one could keep their attention on anything but Darryl. It was amazing."
- Diane C. Vermette - Borders Books and Music

"Hollywood" displays an incipient brilliance. Morris writes art songs. Flowing,
Melodic and wordy, they are notable for their love of language and richness of imagery. Such as 'Kimmy' and 'Rainy Days,' paint precise, moody pictures of places and times."
- The Boston Herald, MA

"What a fantastic voice! One of those male voices I love so much…powerful and full, but well controlled with just the right amount of occasional raspy ness and vibrato. It's the kind of a voice that gets you all emotional and drippy."
- Mimi Chen, - KSCA FM 101.9

"Darryl Morris …I really like this performer! Darryl sings eloquently on this four - song CD demo that is just awesome! "Rainy Days" is a quick demonstration of the wonderful style Morris processes while "Kimmy" and "Hollywood" are excellent Ballot style songs sung with emotion and spirit. Dark is a Haunting social statement giving a tell-tale description of racial tragedies from the past... It's a beautiful song! I'm looking forward to when this talented artist from produces a full length CD
- Keith "KC" Clifton - KLAS 89.7 FM

"Darryl's voice is, lush and strong, renders comparison to Bob Seger. His demo CD is amazingly powerful and original."
- Dito Godwin - Record Producer - No Doubt, Kiss

"This artist has provided a link with classic acoustic artists from the 60's and 70's
- Charles Provencher - K-Beach Radio, Cal State Long Beach



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Darryl, Saw you in Hermosa at the Coffee place, got your demo, really like your
Honest, soulful vibe and soothing tunes. I liked the song you did
About Time, if you've got in on mp3 or CD, let me know.

Jim Miller

I sat right in front of you at the millpond music festival with a friend. And even though I was freezing cold, I just couldn't leave; your music is, in lack of a better word, amazing. I bought one of your CD's and that's how I came across your website. when I read your goal in music was produce music that can be enjoyed by all people, as well as to open the mind, I was totally blown away, because when I went to bed that night, your music was all I could think off. The next day I returned to millpond in hopes to hear you again, and I sat for and hour, saw you behind the stage, but to no avail. That's why I'm glad I picked up your CD, because now all I can do is wait until your first full length CD comes out. , and one more thing, I'm only 15, and the friends I was with, are the same age, and they too believe you have an amazing talent, and we thought you should know that your music is reaching out to the younger generations. And I know it has definitely left a lasting impact on my life. Please continue to touch other people in the way you did me, and just know that your music is definitely something to be renowned.
Ryan Orr, Bishop CA

Don and I were at Millpond on Saturday night and we wanted to thank you again for the song you sang for us. Please let us know when you have another CD ... out the one we bought is GREAT!
Don & Gloria

Darryl, - It was your music I
First heard, and it drew me to you, and in combination with your presence
With your music, I could not leave. I was compelled to introduce myself to
You. I have been so amazed with your beauty and talent which shines so
Completely through your music, so honest and heartfelt. I stand by you, in
Hopes that you will reach so many more hearts as you have reached mine. I truly
Feel you have blessed my life with your music and compassion. You are an
Angel, you are blessed with a gift, and I know God is speaking through you.
Thank you.
Ann Marie, Coast Masa, CA

A beautiful Thursday night you sang at Washington College. Despite the fact that you had a cold you sang like the world was watching, and for that I commend you. It is one thing when someone who is not usually in the music scene, like myself, is drawn in to listen to the great sound they heard, but to make that person feel the song too, in such a way that there is no escape is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for that feeling.
Kera Cherrey, Baltimore, Maryland